Training Style

This training is not your typical leadership camp experience. This training is fast-paced and hands-on. Participants will spend much more time putting their newly gained knowledge and skills to use in the community than they will sitting in a classroom environment. Through a project-based curriculum we allow all students to individualize the specific skill sets and the level at which those skill sets are taught while providing the entire group a similar experience from which to initiate discussion and collaboration.

These trainings will be hands-on and empowering, following our researched and field-tested youth empowerment model called Kinetic Transformation. Through 6 vital elements - Knowledge, Experience, Dialogue, Skills, Ownership and Fun - youth will not only gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful, but just as importantly, they will be motivated and empowered to take action and stay involved. The hands-on nature of the training ensures that youth not only receive new knowledge, but also have the experience putting that knowledge to use. These mini-projects will give youth the successful experiences and feeling of ownership and accomplishment that has been shown to guarantee youth stay involved and are motivated to take action. Our unique training styles ensure that youth and trainers feel connected and on the same level. There is a mutual respect that leads to true dialogue in place of the traditional unidirectional lecture that youth are subjected to. This dialogue leads to the internalization of the group beliefs into their own belief system and therefore a higher commitment level. Above all, the training is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Students will want to return for future trainings, and will want to stay involved.


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