Speakers Bureau - FAQs

What is the time commitment going to be like?

The time commitment is going to change throughout the Speakers Bureau term. During the beginning of the term, most of your time will be spend in the development of your presentation. This could be 20-25 hours the first month or two. Once that part of the term has been completed, the majority of your time will be spent traveling for presentations. You should expect to spend 2-4 hours a week at times on monthly conference calls, edits to your presentation or some marketing responsibilities. Like the rest of the speakers bureau, though, you will have the ability to fit it into your schedule where you can. We are well aware of your commitments as students and to your home programs, and will work with you to make sure these things are taken into consideration.

How many presentations are you looking at?

We require a minimum of one presentation that is uniquely yours. If during your term on the bureau you want to expand your scope, we are definitely open to that. There will also be some generic bureau presentations that we hope everyone will be equipped to give.

Would it require traveling once a month, more, less? Weekdays or weekends? I am just a little worried about having to take a lot of time off of school and work.

We hope that all bureau members are available at least once a month, but we know what it is like trying to juggle school, jobs and working with your local programs. Our main concern is having the most qualified people on the bureau. We will work with you to make sure you only take on as much as you are able to. Requests will be made for presentations both during the week and on weekdays. At the start of the program, we will ask you what days of the week you are available, and work from there. We would never ask that you miss your organic chem. Class that is kicking your butt. But if you weren’t planning on attending basket weaving anyways . . .

Would I be given dates and presentations that I am expected to be at or would things be flexible and we would try to work things around everyone’s schedules?

As soon as requests for presentations are made, we will send out a notice to all the bureau members that are qualified to speak on the requested topic. The first person who gets back to us will get the job. We will require speaker requests be made at least 1 month ahead of time, but you all know that sometimes, things just come up. Our goal is to do the best job we can of making both our clients and our bureau members happy.

How would presentations that I have already developed with my home program fit in with everything?

The A/O Speakers Bureau is really aiming to do something that hasn’t ever been done before. The first part of your term on the speakers bureau will include an extensive high-level training on creating and delivering amazing presentations. We are sure that there are some things that you will learn that will take your presentations, either ones you already have, or ones you develop from scratch, to the next level.

If I were to apply do you need the application all at once or could I have someone send a letter directly to you?

Letters of recommendation can definitely be sent directly to us. We do want the rest of your application to be sent at once though. It just helps us keep track of it all.


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