Activism and Advocacy

Although the main purpose of most grassroots activism and advocacy activities is the dis-semination of a message to a target audience, we have found that the side effects of the activity are much stronger and tangible for the organizations we have worked with.

The activities are often a highlight for the youth involved. It gives youth that are traditionally marginalized in organizations, youth with non-traditional skills and talents, a way to be involved and take non- traditional leadership roles. It also serves as a good media event, as these events are often creative and allow for good visuals and the development of powerful key messages. The events serve as recruitment tools as other youth witness a fun and interactive activity both first hand and after the fact through multimedia projects - videos, posters, psa's and such that can be developed from the event. Most importantly, however it helps boost the energy and morale of the youth in the organization as the activity gives them a tangible result of their work and an immediate sense of gratification.

From brainstorming an idea to being on the ground to execute it, our staff consists of not just qualified consultants but passionate activists.

Our staff can help your organization no matter what stage of the planning process they are at, with our main services consisting of the following:

• Identification of key messages and target audiences
• Development of promotional materials
• Dentification of event site, securing of permits, registering event
• Development of materials to be used on site
• Filming and photographing of event for video/psa/poster use

Our staff also provides a training series tailored to skills necessary for grassroots activism and advocacy

• History of Grassroots Advocacy and Activism
• Identifying a Key Message
• Public Speaking Skills
• Developing large scale art
• Home-made posters, stickers and palm cards